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The Fifties

1952 : ZEPHYR
A genuine Bicycle with Auxiliary Engine, as intended by the authorities.

1956 : SIRENE
This state of the art moped with its wet clutch and two speed gearbox was sold at twice
the cost of a decent bicycle. It came with a low hung muffler, making riding off a sidewalk a risky business.

1956 : SUPERIA
A moped for two.

Still a 'Bicycle with Auxiliary Engine'... or a lightweight motor scooter...?

Slender design, fitted with a nice chromium plated exhaust pipe.

1958 : MONDIAL
Flandria mopeds came normally in gloomy grey and blue tones, but custom colours
were available at an extra charge of merely ...6 US $.
This, incidentally, is the site-owner's very first Flandria moped. Fifteen year old Bobbie was not too keen on her boss's new toy.

1958 : VEDETTE
With this friction-drive-on-frontwheel bike Flandria tried to make an inroad into the Solex market.
In spite of its nicer finish, its more powerful engine and its better price, sales however did not live up to expectations. Maybe because the Flandria Vedette lacked some of the technical refinements of the Solex, which made the latter easier to ride?

1958 : SPORTA
The first of a long line of sporty Flandria mopeds.
Not many were sold... the limited power of its engine prevented this
nicely shaped bike from living up to expectations.

1959 : MONDIAL
Good value for money... Even more so since as of this year this low priced moped came
with the brand-new and sturdy Flandria two- or three-speed engine.

1959 : IRIS
Introducing tailfins on mopeds...
The designers obviously had a keen eye for contemporary Detroit car styling!

...But one wonders what kind of customers they had in mind when
they created this hotchpotch?

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