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The Seventies

1971 : IRIS

1972 : SP427
In spite of what this advertising photograph tries to make believe,
sports mopeds continued to be sold almost exclusively to male youngsters.

1973 : 137 af-a

1974 : COMET
The popularity of French Mobylettes is reflected in the design of this Comet.

1974 : SP427
A new sports moped, typical for Flandria styling in the 70's.

1974 : SP847af-a

1974 : SP947 Mach6

1975 : 037 af-a




1976 : SCRAB

1976 : IMOLA 6
In spite of their gorgeous shape and finish, new Imolas would not succeed in reversing
the downward sales trend... As from this year, helmets had to be worn and this,
in addition to the 40 km speed limitation, deterred many potential buyers.

1977 : CARINA
This belt driven 25 km/h moped could be ridden without a helmet.


1978 : RECORD
Since 1975 the Belgium moped market had decreased by no less than half.
Fierce competition and price cuts gave rise to quality problems, making Flandria's
share even drop faster.

1979 : STAR
Another superbly designed Flandria moped... unfortunately one of the last.

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